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After getting your roll of tape, there are a few things you need to learn to get started. Don't be scared, it's easy. We will outline the basic cutting techniques and how to best utilize the tapes below.

Step 1: Clean your skin

To ensure the tape applies well and stays on through thick and thin, make sure your skin is free of any oil or sweat. Clean it with soap and dry it well, or just use one of our convenient Acti-Wipes. If you've got hair, shave it off! Otherwise, expect the tape to come off sooner than expected.

Step 3: Cut it out!

Follow the instructions below to learn how to cut out the basic shapes. Go ahead, chop chop!

Find the application you need from our list of tutorials under Applications, then read or watch the instructions carefully. Measure out the approximate length of tape you need, and cut it out - do be generous, it's always better to cut out too much than too little!

Step 2: Prep your tape

Don't mess it up now... Apply the tape and massage it in well - the adhesive is activated by heat. Try to avoid lifting any corners while you're apply heat to the surface of the tape. 

Step 4: Get warmed up

Important note! Make sure you wait 45 minutes before you start sweating, especially if you're planning on swimming. This will make sure the tape stay on the whole game!

basic techniques

Learn how to cut, tear, peel and stretch in this nifty little video. Watch it. 

ready for the next level

Find the application you need by selecting the body part from the top under Applications. 

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