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It has self-healing powers...

Louis Kwakye

For at least 10 years, my sciatic region has been in varying degrees of pain. My first consultation with Hans ,my physiotherapist, and Acti-Tape have changed my life fomy good. My body feels very different.  Acti-Tape was used on me and it stayed on for 3 days, I actually 
forgot I was wearing it at times! It did feel on removal like the skin was elevated for easier blood circulation. So You could say my body is having a complete internal and external overhaul and it's producing very good results. 

As a 400-meters runner and a member of the Eden Elites Olympic Team, I work on a daily basis with Acti-Tape. I have adopted it in my daily routine for 1 year now and can confirm the positive effects. It boost my performance since I recover faster with using Acti-Tape after an intensive training. To apply the tape is simple, it does not restrict my movements and is light to wear. If I feel little pain, discomfort or swelling, the self healing power of Acti-Tape is second to none. 

Rid of pain substantially, instantly.

Amy W.

I just signed up for a half marathon in November so I started my training lately. Unfortunately I also started the training on a pair of new shoes.  Not expecting any difference running in different shoes, I started my training on Wednesday.  I was on the treadmill for 60 minutes with a variety of speed and endurance session, covered more than 10K.  Nothing really felt wrong right after the exercise until the next morning.  My left foot was feeling painful on the top whenever it was bended in the walking motion.  It was so painful that I decided to give Acti-Tape a try.  I cut it one into a Y strip and 2 regular, applied as shown in the photo (all in skin colour). Immediately I could feel the support from the sole of my foot up to the front and top.  I could walk with relatively less pain the whole day. 


I showered with it and left the tapes on all night.  I completely felt pain free when I woke up (really amazing!).  So I took the support strips out, leaving the Y strip on, thinking that was it.  However, within a few minutes of normal walking I knew that the injury was not recovered completely, just that the tape has helped me feel less pain.  So I put on a new cut strip (another photo with one blue tape) to ensure the support was there.  Surely, the pain subsided substantially and I could walk almost feeling normal on this foot the whole day, even simulating running motion without pain.


At the same time, my calf of the feet was hurting too after some aggressive exercise.  It didn't really feel too bad.  I used massage cream on them and one foot was better than the other one after one day's rest.  This morning the calf on my right foot was still in pain, a lot more obviously than the day before.  So I used Acti-Tape on it.  I cut it into a fan shape and applied (as shown in photo).  Once again, the pain reduced substantially, instantly.  I was really amazed and impressed.  I will continue to wear the tapes for another day and during my exercise to ensure that my muscles are supported properly.

Now I really understand why one of the sportsman friends, who is also an active user on Acti-Tape, said he would carry one roll with him all the time.  It has amazing ability to heal and get rid of pain!! I am convinced!

Bruise was gone!

Doris C.

I fell at the lift lobby and hurt my knee. A big bruise appeared the next day and it was painful. I applied Acti-Tapeon the bruise area with a net shape and left that on for 2 days.  I felt less pain and when I took it off the 3rd day, almost all the colour of the bruise was gone. I'm very happy!

Shoulder pain decreased signigicantly...

Mr. Hui K

I was experiencing pain on my shoulder area radiating down from my neck. After applying Acti-Tape around the perceived pain area, the discomfort started to reduce after around 30 minutes. Over the course of the day, the  pain decreased significantly.

Goodbye back problems!

Chris W.

I was experiencing pain at the back from a very bad cough.  Used Acti-Tape on the shoulder blade and it helped solved the problem within about 30 minutes before I could feel better and went to bed. I felt a lot better in the morning.

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