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The idea for the elastic therapeutic sports tape was conceived in the early 1970's, developed by a Japanese Chiropractor.

So we aren't new technology, or just your usual medicated tapes and patches. Our founder believes that our body has the ability to heal itself, without medication or chemicals. When we get hurt, whether it's twisting an ankle or pulling a muscle, we usually run to the painkillers - but what if you didn't have to? 


When our founder learned about Kinesiology tapes, she was eager to bring it to the mass market. Not just for athletes (yes, that's their secret), but for everyone. 


How does it work? In short, when applied appropriately, the tape helps your body become normal again. It lends you support from surrounding muscles and relieves pain by lifting the skin (reducing pressure) while encouraging circulation (faster healing). In some applications, it works like a compression garment on the concerned area.


Yes - one roll of elastic tape can help you support, heal and prevent further injuries. Don't believe us? Try it. 

OUR company

Nutriworks was launched in 2000 in Hong Kong. Over the years, it has become one of the market leaders in Asia in the creation of natural, safe and effective supplements and external use health products. Nutriworks is the proud owner of the very popular Flexi-Patch & Patch-It range of products.


The patch market has grown substantially over the years around the world, and Nutriworks is at the forefront of this technology providing a product that has been clinically tested with published clinical trials.


The latest addition to Nutriworks is the drug-free pain management remedy: Acti-Tape. 

Nutriworks will continually develop more high quality, safe and effective health products in order to ensure customers use our products with 100% confidence!

Acti-Tape has been selling international throughout Asia, United Kingdom and the USA, supporting tens of thousands of pro-athletes and amateurs alike.
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