Collateral Ligament Support / Pain Relief

 Taping Directions:

  • Indication: Pain / Instability - Collateral Ligament
  • Shape: Three I-strips 
  • Body Position: Lying

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Acti-Tape Step by Step Instructions: Collateral Ligament Support / Pain Relief


  • In a lying position, raise the knee slightly with a towel under the calf.
  • Apply an I-strip on the side of the leg from above the kneecap downwards without stretch.


  • Apply the second I-strip downwards at a diagonal across the side of the kneecap with a moderate stretch.


  • Apply the third I-strip upwards at a diagonal from underneath the kneecap towards the back of the knee with a moderate stretch as shown.


  • Smooth down all strips firmly to complete.

The yellow portion indicates moderate strech of the strip.