Other Testimonials

   Doris C. - Bruise was gone... 
I fell at the lift lobby and hurt my knee.  A big bruise appeared the next day and it was painful.  I applied Acti-Tape on the bruise area with a net shape and left that on for 2 days.  I felt less pain and when I took it off the 3rd day, almost all the colour of the bruise was gone.  Am very happy!

    Mr. Hui K - Shoulder pain decreased significantly... 
   I was experiencing pain on my shoulder area radiating down from my neck. After applying Acti-Tape around the
   perceived pain area, the discomfort started to reduce after around 30 minutes. Over the course of the day, the
   pain decreased significantly.

   Chris W. -  It solved my back pain problems and feel a lot better in the morning...

I was experiencing pain at the back from a very bad cough.  Used Acti-Tape on the shoulder blade and it helped solved the problem within about 30 minutes before I could feel better and went to bed.  I felt a lot better in the morning.  
Siu Fun, United Kingdom -  I was so surprised, the effect was almost instantaneous....
"I will tell EVERYONE about this tape!   It's my first time using Acti-Tape this morning on my knee.
I was so surprised: the effect was almost instantaneous - it completely relieved the pain.   I can still feel the twinge but it is nothing like the crippling pain I had over the last few days.   Every time I sat down, my right knee really hurt.
Now I am definitely very confident about my 10k run and will go for 10k run (BUPA 10k) with my knees taped up and show off my taped knees to everyone!!!"
   Let's hear what others say...


-I use Acti-Tape before, during and after my run; before : to prepare my body; during : for better performance; after : for recovery

- I use Acti-Tape  to support my knee for long distance running and prevent injuries. It act as a support to my run.

-Acti-Tape always a good way to reinforce my ankles during my run.

-I used Acti-Tape on my knee during walking, jogging or running. I cut Acti-Tape to the size

& length i want and applied it on my knee an hour before my exercise.Is simple & effective to use. And say goodbye to pain!

-Acti-Tape help to support my joint and less injury. Use Acti-Tape when doing sports, when getting older you can feel your joint weak to have less  injury.

-With the help of Acti-Tape me and my running kakis managed to survive the first full marathon!

-I use Acti-Tape to support and protect my knee cap. It also acts as an effective pain relief on my knee cap especially when I am running for longer distance training or race. 

-After the challenging event last weekend; found the joints are getting weak. believe the Acti-Tape will be a good help for me.

-After a long run, the Acti-Tape will be good for relaxing my overused and overextended muscles.

-I applied Acti-Tape on my knee to protect me from the marathon runs. It sticks on well, relaxes & support my muscles. A thumbs up says it all!

-Being a sport lover and practising sports on a regular basis, Acti-Tape does provide excellent support or reduce pain in sports full action. Thumbs up and Bravo!